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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the trainer?

Alex Wright is the trainer and is a former WCW World Television Champion, WCW Cruiserweight Champion and WCW Tag Team Champion. Alex Wright is a "Second Generation Wrestler". Alex comes from a wrestling family and had his first professional match at age 16. His father Steve Wright was an overwhelming pro wrestler for 26 years. His uncle Bernard Wright was also an accomplished pro wrestler. Alex Wright has many years of professional experience and has performed on house shows, live TV, TV tapings, Pay per Views and tournaments around the world. Additional there are co-trainers, which all are current or former World Champion.

2. How old do I have to be to train at the school?

You can start training at a age of 8. However, minors can only train with the consent of his or her legal guardian(s).

3. May women also train?

Of course, the training is for women and men. Both sexes are equally capable of practicing wrestling.

4. Where does the training take place?

At the gym of the TSV 1903 Mühlhof, Auf der Schanz 70, 90453 Nürnberg, Germany.

5. When does the training take place?

"The Wright Stuff" Pro Wrestling School offers many different seminars. Because of this anyone interested can plan their training according to their individual schedules. You will find more detailed information in the area "training". Single- and Group training is mostly on the weekends, but upon request training during the week is possible

6. Can I copy pro wrestling moves from TV and practice them at home?

NO. By no means. It is very dangerous for an untrained person to practice pro wrestling moves and could lead to serious or even fatal injuries. Training should only be conducted under competent supervision. All pro wrestlers are highly trained athletes with many years of experience.

7. What requirements do I need to have?

You should be in perfect physical and mental health. You should also get examined by a doctor before training. You should have the necessary ambition and motivation.

8. What clothes do I need for the training?

To protect yourself against injuries, you definitely have to dress in sportswear. It is important, that you can move freely, otherwise you can injure yourself. That means clothes should be elastic and not too wide. Also you have to have clean gym shoes, to take part in training. No street shoes are allowed. This is to protect you from possible injury. During seminars it is absolutely necessary to bring enough fresh training clothes. Your training partner will thank you.

9. How long does it take to become a pro wrestler?

That completely depends on your talent and your previous knowledge, motivation, discipline and physical attributes. In this sport you will never be finished learning, you will always learn something new.

10. Is it an advantage, if I have previous knowledge?

Yes. It will help you a little, but it is not a requirement.

11. What else is important for the training?

You should eat a good breakfast two hours prior to training. Bring plenty of water and/or apple juice mixed with water and a couple of power bars to training. Also bring extra training clothes and knee and elbow pads. Also it is important to know that if at any time you develop problems such as sickness, dizziness, pains or anything else during training, you should immediately tell the trainer.

12. When does the High Impact Seminar start?

The High Impact Seminar will be one weekend (Sa. to Su.). This Seminar will start on a Saturday at 12:00 noon, so anybody still has the chance to participate in this Seminar.

13. Can I immediately participate in a pro seminar?

No. The reason for this is, that "The Wright Stuff" Pro Wrestling School does not want to take any risk regarding your and your trainings partner's health. To participate in a continuing seminar the requirement is, that you pass the test at the end of each previous seminar.

14. Are there examinations?

Yes and No. There are test at the end of each seminar, if you voluntarily want to test your ability and performance. I recommend this to everyone. Indeed the test will be a duty at the end of the seminar, if you want to take part in a continuing seminar. The requirement to participate in a continuing seminar is that you pass these tests.

15. What is the purpose of these tests?

These tests are for your and your trainings partner own protection. The tests will reduce the chances of you and/or your training partner getting injured. Pro wrestling is an extreme sport. As a pro wrestler you have to give one hundred percent in all your actions. Plus, the training would be very dangerous, if one participant is far under the standard of the other participants.

16. Do I always have to book a 2 hour time period with the group training session?

No. You do not have to if there are other participants that want to book a shorter session. However, this is not recommended. An hour for group training is too short to learn sufficiently in a group. It is different with single training, because there are just one or two participants that train. It is the perfect amount of time for a single training session.

17. Where do I find the prices for the seminars/ single training and group training?

Prices will be sent to you after you go to the area, "training" and click on the subcategory marked "registration".

18. Can I also book several training hour sessions over a longer time period?

Yes, you can book as much as you want single or group training. But in that case you might want to consider a training contract for a year. You can save a lot of money this way! Training contract for a year, upon request only.

19. How long is a unit?

With the single training 1 hour (60 minutes) is equal to one unit. With the group training 2 hours (120 minutes) is equal to one unit.

20. Will there be tests in the single and group training?

No. The degree of difficulty of the practice will be adapted by the trainer at the physical constitution/level and the learning success of the participants.

21. Is there a difference between "catchen" and pro wrestling?

No. "Catchen" used to be the earlier German word for pro wrestling.

22. Is a registration necessary?

Yes. Everyone must register. "The Wright Stuff" - Pro Wrestling School offers many different courses, which students must register in before they can take the course. If you are interested, you can go to the area "training", subcategory "registration", and we will send you the necessary documents. The enclosed registration document has to be filled out and signed and then sent back. Additionally minors need to supply their legal guardian(s) information and signature(s).

23. How do I have to fill out the registration document?

The registration document and the terms of participation document have to be filled out completely and honestly in print.

24. What else is important for the registration?

A copy of the participant(s) passport is required. Minors are required to supply a copy of their legal guardian(s) passport. This is to be enclosed in the registration and terms of participation, when the registration is sent back. For personal registration of a minor the legal guardian(s) must be present. Do not forget the passport of the participant or the legal guardian(s).

25. Do I also have to register for singles and group training?

Yes. You have to make an appointment either by phone or by e-mail. Otherwise the maximum attendance could be reached for a given time period.

26. How can I pay for the seminars?

You must make payment by bank transfer for the seminar. With registration the fee will be due immediately.

Within germany:
please ask for the bank information

Bank transfer from outside germany:
please ask for the bank information

27. How can I pay for single- and group training(hours)?

You can pay for them in cash or bank transfer. The money has to be in the account of Mr Alexander Wright, before you can train.

28. Do I receive a confirmation of participation?


29. Why do you need my bank information?

Just in case, there has to be a refund of your participation fee. So, the participation fee will be put back quickly and without a big expenditure into your account.

30. How can I get in touch with the "The Wright Stuff" Pro Wrestling School?


Adress :
"The Wright Stuff"
Pro Wrestling School
Auf der Schanz 70
90453 Nürnberg

mobile: coming soon!
phone/fax.: (00)49-(0)911-962638-54/-55


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